Sick of it

Posted: September 28, 2014 in My Tin Family
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This will be short but angry heh.  I am sick and tired of this country using us, the police as their scapegoats.  It’s public employees ruining the pension system, public employees with cadillac health coverage, police abuse of power, and so on.

Now this worthless, terrorist president Obama is getting his nose where it just doesn’t belong.  Tell us again idiot about how that little criminal could have been ‘your’ son again?!  Send more white house representatives to another CRIMINAL funeral.

THe mainstream media, liberals, uneducated swine and these darn sheep are really destroying this country.  Listen I am by no means saying there are not shitty cops or crooked cops but for Christ sake stop sensationalizing all the poor media and making all of us out there look like that.  99% of the men and women in this profession are out there busting their butts trying to make a difference.  Helping communities, developing rapport with people just trying to help.

NOW, this other fucking criminal, Eric.  I won’t even write his last name as I don’t want any publicity heading to that filth.  Executing an officer at his barracks. AND PEOPLE ARE SUPPORTING HIM! What the fuck is happening!

It seems to me, more and more people would prefer anarchy and lawlessness than have any government entity working to protect them.  Does government suck, yes. Unfortunately, police get wrapped up as a government agency but the men and women working are good people with good values.

I work in a relatively safe community where the community does like us. The recent events in the world really worry me.  Everyday when I leave for work I pray I make it home to see my wife and kids.  I pray I don’t get shot in the head while walking into the police department by some renegade scumbag.  I pray I don’t come across the mental patient that finally lost it and wants to die and wants to go out fighting a cop.  Aside from all the other events I may have to deal with during a tour this just gets added.

The social media slime that keep posting on, “I wish more cops would be killed.” or “Kill the pigs and target their families too.” “Show them we are not to be messed with.”

This is all based on a handful of media stories over sensationalized to the point of twisting evidence and investigations to make police look like we are all corrupt and just go around shooting unarmed people.

The public is against us, the media is against us, the government is against us.  All we have is each other in the thin blue line and guess what.  Even with the whole world hating us, we STILL will continue to run towards the danger, do everything we can to protect those who hate us.  We took an oath. This county is in a dark time thanks to its current leaders, I pray we are able to dig out of this hole.  I pray my children will grow up into a world of peace one day.

Nice try…

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To the little shit bird trying to hack my password, go fuck yourself.

Not so common…

Posted: June 10, 2012 in My Tin Family

I am just floored at the lack of common sense some parents have and the complete lack of intelligence from their kids.  This is almost like a black hole the way some of these kids act, the complete lack of respect and the complete inability to comprehend simple rules.  As much as I love technology and the fact I can run my side business on nothing but a smart phone, it hasn’t done this generation of kids any justice.  Gone it seems are the days when you actually were taught the simple things in life such as, look both ways before crossing the road or use the crosswalk to cross the road especially when to uniformed officers are standing right there.

All they care about is who is saying what on Facebook, what pictures they took of their kitty cat and where they can smoke up later.  I don’t think of myself as a superior intellectual and anytime I finally sit back and question my current intellect, I run across a parent or kid or some person that just shoots that down.  I’m taking the BASICS of life, nothing above and beyond how you normally operate to get through.  Some people I question how in the heck they made it this far in life as it was.

Here is a simple example:  I order a pizza for delivery.  Total comes to $25. I had the young lad $50.  Simple math, $25 back to me but I usually throw the fellow $5 for a tip so I get $20.  You would of thought I asked this kid to show me the formula for the conservation of linear momentum.  Deer in headlights look.  Come on kid, do I have to hold your hand through this.  I gave you $50, the total was $25, keep $5 for yourself and give me back dun dun DUUUUUN $20.

Some people’s logic if you can even call it that is just never ceases to amaze me.  You have 3 DUI’s under your belt.  Impressive, you won’t see your license for the best part of 10 years. Congrats.  Yet, you jump in a car with no license.  You would THINK keeping an average profile you’d be fine.  Nope, lets burn rubber across the parking lots with kids everywhere after a town festival, donuts in the middle of the road and then 50 in a 25MPH zone.  Oh yea, with 1 off duty officer that saw you, one that was tied up directing traffic and then once radioed another officer you went sideways around a corner IN FRONT OF HIM.  Nice job idiot.  THEN, proceed to tell us how your pop was a cop for 33 years and your brother was a purple heart recipient and we should cut you a break and show you respect.  Well hoss, I hate to break this to you but it sure sounds like you’re the waste of the family.  Now your going to trying and exploit your fathers career time and brothers service record to keep you out of DUI’s. Did I mention he threw one of our retired Captains names out too?  Moron.

The best had to be when he called Mommy to pick him up.  (He’s 43). “MOM, fucking get in your car and come to the police station cuz I just got fucking locked up for DUI.  Shut the fuck up mom just get in the fucking car…..” blah blah you get the idea.  The fact Mom tolerates being spoken to like this from her fully grown moron son is amazing.

I could go on and on as I’m sure most cops can on crap like this.  Point is Common sense is not so common anymore.


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All this knowledge…

Posted: February 8, 2012 in My Tin Family

As cops, we deal with a tremendous amount of people and varying scenarios.  Dealing with different families, ethics, businesses the list can go on and on.   Each event may teach you something new, about people, business, life or any other number of things.

I like to think as cops we are better prepared to deal with anything that gets thrown our way and we’re sort of expected sometimes by family members to be the rock and “know what to do” especially during a family tragedy.  Whenever I deal with a family that has lost a member, what to say for comfort seems to come naturally, the ability to help in any way to assist the family through a tough time just seems to work smoothly.

Though through the loss of one of my family members, I cannot seem to gather the right words to say, I cannot point anyone in the right direction or explain anything like I can when it is not a family member of mine.

How many times….

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I just had to post this now before I forgot.  There are several roads in town that have speeding issues and of course the residents are the biggest ones complaining.  There is one particular road in town that is more speeding than others and we constantly run radar details on it.

We’ve put radar signs, deterrent signs, written and obscene amount of tickets blah blah.

There is one particular motorist I see constantly.  Has the big stupid PBA shield in the window (I’ll post why I hate these later) and zips down the road.  Over the past 3 years I’ve stopped this person several times.  More times I don’t because… well.  he is retired from the job and yes I cut breaks to other cops… deal with it.

Today I happen to stop him again… now I’ve asked this guy to at least do the speed limit while on this particular road because we have such a problem and not to mention the giant stupid PBA shield in his window that other residents who get tickets see me letting go.

But I’ve asked this guy plenty of times now and today I just had it.  I stopped him again, out the window comes his shield so the whole world can see.  I was very polite about it and without hitting all the dialog on it asked him what I had to do get a fellow police officer to respect me a little and slow down.  Well after he gave me his ‘I was OTJ for 30 years, its just habit” blah blah blah I told him how I felt.  I felt as if the guy could give two shits about the local cops and each time I ask him to slow down he says, “I will” then drives away saying “Kiss my ass.”

Well, low and behold he gave me a song and dance and says he isn’t trying to disrespect me.  All I’m asking for is to slow down on this stretch damnit.  HOw hard is it.  If I get stopped on the highway, I slow the hell down.  In fact ever since my son was born I don’t speed any longer or drive like an ass.

I’m sure this retired asshole will come in to complain which is by far worse than me asking him to respect me a little bit… if he does.  well my initial impression of him was correct.

So, I’m certainly not trying to pat myself on the back what-so-ever here. I just find it flattering and motivating.

I’ve been in the crash investigation unit since 2006, Investigated over 1000 crashes since then. Within the last year more and more departments are requesting my assistance on a crash scene. Mainly in the use of laser diagramming. Funny, since they all have lasers and not one has taken it out of the box yet.

At a recent meeting I was approached by a neighboring town… officer been on the job as long as I have but most recent addition to the traffic unit in his agency. He seemed very interested in getting together to learn how I investigate a crash, what I look for, how I write my reports etc.

Every crash I investigate I look at everything, no just what driver 1 and 2 say. Whether its lamp examinations, road evidence, tire evidence, seat belts, view obstructions whatever. I look at it all. Even if I don’t use it and no matter how minor the crash is.

I find this helps me tremendously when the more severe crashes occur. A lot of investigators will only rely on the math portion of their training and scaled diagrams to start coming up with any type of analysis. You can reconstruct some crashes without using any scale diagram.

Google maps, an amazing resource. Get a top down view of the scene and even get it close to scale but nothing I would claim was scaled. More of a reference and drawing the area of the crash. Anyway, taking a few manual measurements at the scene and then rough placement of the vehicles at a final rest, you can still come up with an answer to, “Did vehicle 2 stop at a posted stop sign?”

It all comes down to the evidence you have how far you can take it. I had Driver 1 claiming 20-25mph and driver 2 claiming 30-35 MPH BUT stopped at a stop sign. So, plugging in a few pieces using angular momentum I found a scenario which fit all the statements, evidence and final rest of all vehicles without punching in a math formula.

Based on a direction change of vehicle 1 in relation to vehicle 2, near equal weight and blah blah blah, vehicle 2 possessed more momentum than vehicle 1 leading to the conclusion it failed to stop at the stop sign.

This wasn’t a full recon like I said merely a reference to articulate the failure to stop. There is of course more evidence on this to support it all and I don’t want to get crazy in an online blog so please, I don’t need any engineers or other traffic hard-ons telling me something is or isn’t proper. My intention of this post was simple, you don’t have to rely always on a scaled diagram and math formulas to break a crash down.